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In Search of the Sisyphean Selfie

In his 1942 treatise The Myth of Sisyphus, noted French philosopher Albert Camus outlines his notion of the absurd, a concept which he would later develop most forcefully in his 1951 essay The Rebel. The absurd arises when man uses reason to understand an otherwise unreasonable world (unreasonable in that it cannot be reduced to a … Continue reading

Response: Revisiting Disney World and the #foodselfie

Two years ago, I went on a trip to Disney World with my partner during Reading Week. The trip would be my 5th time to “the World” but my first time going without the family, including my mom who is obsessed with taking the same pictures, by the same landmarks every time we go. Having … Continue reading

Self(ie)-Control: Social Mediation of the Self–A Response

In 1997, Rugg notes that “it does sometimes occur that individuals make photographs of themselves” (3). The occasional occurrence of what is now referred to as a selfie was duly noted in this text: a minor counterargument briefly mentioned.  But in 2015, millions of photos are tagged as “selfies” on social media. We have moved … Continue reading

Response: Smith and Watson and #selfie in South Korea

Sidonie Smith and Julia Watson’s characteristics of the “autobiographical subject” can be applied to the use of selfies in photo sharing apps such as Instagram to construct a narrative bound in cultural beauty standards. Recent news has stated that 70.14% or 35,000,000 people of the South Korean population owns a smartphone. The country, prideful of … Continue reading

Summary: Portrait Path

The chapter, “Portrait Path” in Risto Sarvas and David M. Frohlich’s From Snapshots to Social Media – The Changing Picture of Domestic Photography traces the history of early photography from the 1803s to the 1890s. Over this period, photo technology evolved to suit consumer demands and allow for new affordances, but also reflects current trends … Continue reading

Aimée Morrison: My Selfie(s), Myself

Do we have some sort of primal urge to #selife? I took this today:     I’ve taken a lot of selfies in the past week, actually. I present them here in their variousness and their different deployments for your consideration. What work do these images do? How do they seek to represent me, what … Continue reading

Let’s just get things straight …

This is a course in digital photography, focused on digital photographs as biographical and autobiographical devices. People write memoirs, and are lauded for their skill and introspection. People document their lives and selves in biographical photographs, and are derided as narcissistic. Let’s not be judgy. And let’s not talk about “them” and what “they” do–let’s … Continue reading