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Stories of the Self

Aimée Morrison: My Selfie(s), Myself

Do we have some sort of primal urge to #selife? I took this today:


woman holding selfie

Here’s a selfie of me holding a selfie of me. The 1994 version is printed on resin paper by me, from film shot by me and developed by me. Note use of mirrors and SLR and a tripod.

I’ve taken a lot of selfies in the past week, actually. I present them here in their variousness and their different deployments for your consideration. What work do these images do? How do they seek to represent me, what I look like, or who I am? What formal or narrative purposes do they share, or how do they diverge?
dog and cat sitting together on lap

I art-directed my husband to take this of the cat sitting on the dog’s face.


cat and dog sitting together on a lap

He didn’t like that I was blocking my own face (ON PURPOSE) in the first shot …


dog and cat sitting together on lap

… but I figured if you could see me looking so terrible I would make a deliberately terrible face. This went on Facebook.


two checklists

A selfie because my thumb and my knees are in it? My to-do list, admired and then imitated by my daughter. Shared on Facebook.


family eating dinner

Trying to celebrate our first night in our temporary house. Not shared. Seriously: look at this. Yuck.


headshot making skeptical face

Text from husband: “You better be getting ready for me to pick you up and not make me wait in the circle for 10 minutes!” Text from me: This picture, indicating, HOW DARE YOU! I’M ALREADY OUTSIDE.


headshot at the track

Text from husband: Where are you? Text from me: This picture [AT THE TRACK!]

head shot, short hair

Text from sister: Y U no answer phone? Used to haz sister … Text from me: this photo [GETTING MY HAIR DONE, OBVS! AM SO CUTE!]

How do you selfie? What work do your images perform for you or others?


About aimeemorrison

I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Waterloo. I teach new media theory and practice, and the history and theory of media. My current research project is Deciphering Digital Life Writing, on online auto/biographical practice.


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