I'm an Associate Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at the University of Waterloo. I teach new media theory and practice, and the history and theory of media. My current research project is Deciphering Digital Life Writing, on online auto/biographical practice.
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Aimée Morrison: My Selfie(s), Myself

Do we have some sort of primal urge to #selife? I took this today:     I’ve taken a lot of selfies in the past week, actually. I present them here in their variousness and their different deployments for your consideration. What work do these images do? How do they seek to represent me, what … Continue reading

Let’s just get things straight …

This is a course in digital photography, focused on digital photographs as biographical and autobiographical devices. People write memoirs, and are lauded for their skill and introspection. People document their lives and selves in biographical photographs, and are derided as narcissistic. Let’s not be judgy. And let’s not talk about “them” and what “they” do–let’s … Continue reading