I'm a part-time Rhetoric and Communication Design Master’s student and full-time communications and marketing professional. I received my B.A. in English literature, with a minor in Sociology, from Carleton University.
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The social affordances of group selfie machines

Purikura is a type of high-tech photobooth where users can digitally manipulate their images before printing them off (or, more recently, sending the jpg versions to themselves). In “Play, Process and Materiality in Japanese Purikura Photography,” Mette Sandbye explores the cultural uses and ramifications of purikura photography practices. She observes that the practice of taking … Continue reading

Pinterest and the construction of self through senses other than the visual

Engaging with photos involves more than just one of our five senses. In addition to just looking at a photo, we might hold it, turn a grouping of photos into a collage, and chat about pictures with friends.  As is evident from these examples, and as Elizabeth Edwards argues in “Thinking Photography Beyond the Visual?”, … Continue reading

A sensory approach to “reading” photographs

In “Thinking photography beyond the visual?”, Elizabeth Edwards, a visual and historical anthropologist, draws attention to the multi-sensory and intersensory nature of photographic interactions in an effort to “extend our understanding of photography beyond the visual” (31); or to develop a theory of photography that reconciles orality and tactility with traditions of communication through images … Continue reading

Drawing the punctum to the forefront via Dear Photograph

In Picturing Ourselves: Photography and Autobiography, Linda Rugg describes how Christa Wolf uses the missing photos from her childhood to recreate her past. According to Rugg, “Wolf reenters, reclaims, and rewrites her childhood memories through the photographic frame” (6). Wolf’s tendency to access her past through photographs is not unique – it’s a common trope … Continue reading

What do our #selfie-taking practices say about us?

In an effort to uncover more layers of meaning in people’s selfie-taking practices, Sophia, Alexandra and myself searched #selfie on Instagram to explore the types of shots that people categorize under the term. Selfie-taking is worth critically exploring because it has become such a pervasive practice. While there are more than 224 million photographs categorized … Continue reading

The Autographer’s first journey; or, how photos lie

During our first class last Friday, a blog post that I wrote over a year ago came up in conversation as we were discussing the many reasons why and how digital photos can be inauthentic. As promised, I’ve re-posted the original here in case anyone is interested in giving it a read-through: Alright, so I know … Continue reading